Random Videochat Calls

Start your own video calls and/or random videochat site or add functionality to existing WordPress site with the 2 Way VideoCalls and Random Chat plugin . This plugin integrates HTML5 Videochat web application.

Live Demos for Video Calls & Random Chat

2 Way Video Call – 100% HTML5 web based, text chat with emoticons and video recordings.

Standalone HTML5 Videochat Demos
The HTML5 Videochat app is also available in some simplified demonstrative setups, for quick testing without registration:


Running these web based webcam live streaming features involves specific HTML5 live streaming server services. We recommend starting with our turnkey plans because setting up your own live streaming servers involves higher costs, longer setup time, often lower reliability/performance and generally much hassle and effort compared to these starter plans.

Get Started with Turnkey Bundles from $99/month:
✔ full mode software license (unlimited users)
✔ managed compatible hosting for all features and HTML5 live streaming server services, you can upgrade as project grows
✔ free installation: you just need to point a domain or subdomain to get the turnkey solution running
✔ free solution updates, automated, when released
✔ full access by admin backend, files/data by cPanel, Softaculous, FTP, phpMyAdmin
✔ no long term commitment: download progress and cancel anytime

PaidVideochat Plans
Support VideoCalls, PaidVideochat and multiple other plugins by VideoWhisper.